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The quality of Montebovi product



All the products named Montebovi and Vitalità have a common basis: they are high quality products. The research of the right ingredients is one of the essential steps in the creation and preparation of simple and genuine products. Thus, high quality raw materials become absolutely essential for the production of both healthy and delicious food.


Natural product!


The Montebovi company has always been engaged in the production of always fresh products. The quality/price ratio is one of the material point of the company. In this way the customer doesn’t have to renounce to the purchase of a good quality product for necessity of savings.

In respect of the consumer, Montebovi is able to offer a fresh product born from years of research and development and from a daily hard work. The focus on the customer and on his needs represents the mission of the company, that is engaged in realizing all those features researched by a customer in a product: quality, warranty, deliciousness and authenticity.

Large and small tarts, cream puffs, donuts, biscuits of different kinds and tastes, snacks, fruit juices, candies, wafers, white bread, pasta also including tortellini and gnocchi, dried fruits of different kinds: they are just some of the wide range of products offered by Montebovi.

In addition there are the Vitality brand products such as: candy bars, croissants, cookies, rice cakes and crackers.


A daily commitment...


The company is engaged every day in bringing fresh and good taste products in the Italians’ tables. It can do it because all of its products offer a guarantee of quality, taste and authenticity, to which consumer never renounces.





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