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Montebovi a success story

The tradition continues... a chance meeting... a brilliant intuition


Montebovi nel 1989The firts steps…

As often happens, the big companies are realized thanks to brilliant intuitions. Montebovi group was born in this way. Bernardo Montebovi leaves the hometown at the age of 15, not to seek his fortune elsewhere, but to win his challenge with life. By chance the first person he meets in Rome is a baker. There Bernardo Montebovi has his first contact with the good consumer par excellence: bread. Thanks to his initiative and his will, in a short time, he manages in first person the activities of the bakery.  After a short sales experience in Rome of a brand of breadstick made in the North of Italy, the baker proposes to Bernardo Montebovi to sell in exclusive breadsticks he has produced. Here he starts his adventure of tireless entrepreneur.



The intuitions

To guarantee the customer and then the consumer a fresh food, Bernardo Montebovi understands that service is the trump card. In 1965 daily deliveries were made by 6 vehicles. But why sell others’ brand? So Montebovi brand products born, vehicles and turnover grow. In Bernardo Montebovi’s opinion, quality is essential. To increase the number of consumers of his products through the quality/price ratio, he apply the imposed price. In this way his consumer audience knows he can count on this warranty. An example of commercial intuition: turning the breadsticks from health food to table food at a competitive price.


bernardino-MonteboviThe principles

During his business, Bernardo Montebovi, among others, acts on two inspiring principles: the respect for the consumer and the respect for people working with him.


The respect for our costumer

As he often says this one has to be the MISSION of his own company. To guarantee always fresh products of high quality thanks to a daily work carried out with efficacy and efficiency.


The respect for the people

Each employee, even before the role he plays in the company, is a human being. So, first of all, we must respect his DIGNITY. The difference between a company and another is made by MEN. So the human resource is another trump card.


The growth…


By now Bernardo Montebovi and his company established themselves. In 1992 he was proclaimed Marche Man of the Year


The future


Bernardo Montebovi was and still is a tireless worker, all this without forgetting the love for his family to whose children, Emilia and Stefano, he has handed down the working culture. Today Stefano Montebovi is the chairman of the group.


Bernardo Montebovi…

… Stefano Montebovi

The tradition continues


The managment of today

One thing the CEO of Stefano Montebovi group embraced: managing the group according to the values and the inspiring principles of his father, Bernardo Montebovi. Above all handing down to the young of the family the working culture and the respect for the men and for the consumer



We must in every moment of our lifebe proud of our group.
Bernardo Montebovi






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